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7. Harshringar Tree Leaves: Juice of night jasmine or harshringar tree leaves also have the properties of destroying the parasitic worms (pet ke keede). Simply, crush 1 leaf of harshringar and extract its juice (by using a thin cloth). Now, you can give it to drink after mixing some honey and a pinch of rock salt. Neem Tree is a medicinal tree, all parts of which are considered beneficial for health.

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The entire tree including its leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, and stem is known to have amazing medicinal properties for which the tree has been used in various traditional and alternative healing methodologies for more than thousands of years. 2021-04-17 · It is the conversion of a seedling from an herbaceous plant to a woody plant that marks the initiation of tree-specific structures. 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Harsingar Leaves for your body health, because it can prevent gas, for ringworm, as a laxative, etc. The tree is sometimes called the “tree of sorrow”, because the flowers lose their brightness during daytime; the scientific name arbor-tristis also means “sad tree”.

This is a very common herb and it has various medicinal uses. Its green 10 to 12 leaves are used to make the decoction (tea) to cure various diseases such as: 1 Introduction. Nyctanthes arbortristis is commonly known as Harshringar belonging to the family Oleaceae.


Harsingar is a plant of varied health benefits. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the harsingar tree makes it a blessing for human health and well being. Let’s explore some of its healing properties.

Harshringar tree

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Harshringar tree

- Leaves: in opposite pairs; dark green, very rough on upper surface, paler and hairy below; margins often with large, distant teeth; apex Administered 30 ml once a day, for two persons, one with rheumatoid arthritis and another with osteo arthritis. Both have stopped taking pain killers. Joint movements and bending are easy. Daily calcium supplement and giloy juice, along with Harshringar Leaf Swaras from … Buy Harshringar Patta at Best Price.It is also known as Sheoli, Singhar, Shephalika, Night Jasmine, Night -flowering Jasmine, Jasmin de nuit, Trauerbaum, Nachtjasmin. Free Shipping in India on Prepayment from our Delhi based Herbal Store.

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kuri A large, untidy bush or small tree with drooping 4-angled branchlets (much like teak) and harshly scabrous leaves (also like teak, but much smaller).

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5.3 पारिजात का तना Stem. 5.4 पारिजात के … Neem Tree is a medicinal tree, all parts of which are considered beneficial for health. It belongs to the mahogany family and its botanical name is Azadirachta Indica. The life of a Neem Tree can be as long as 150-200 years.